SendGrowth Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

SendGrowth's Conversion Rate Optimization Services

What we do

Here at SendGrowth one of our main services is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO), which is increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers on a given page or campaign. We will uncover the most important aspects worth improving on your website and increase your conversion rate.

  • We make sure your website is set up to be tracked for future modifications.
  • We make sure you are running google analytics properly for your website.
  • We optimize your website, after analyzing the data we tracked, by changing design, structure, and copy where necessary.
  • We run more tests to see where any optimization modifications were successful.

The process we take

Planting the seeds:
We make sure everything on your website is performing correctly. Next, we make sure your website is ready to be optimized. This allows us to study your visitors time and activity spent on the page and their conversion intentions.

Research and Observation:
We find your audience and analyze them. We want to know exactly who they are and what they desire. After some research and observation we will concentrate on their habits, emotional triggers, actions, and user research. We pay close attention to how people are currently using your website.

After we learn a bit more about your business, we follow up with these steps:

Additional in depth research

After completing these steps, we will know your audience, but more importantly we will know what makes them convert into a paying customer.

Modifications, Creations, and Solutions:
Our team members work hard to discover your website’s problems. First, we analyze the data that was collected to uncover your site’s conversion problems. Then we create solutions to your website’s optimization problems. Once the solutions are created we test them one by one on your website. (We rate the severity of your website’s problems based on the amount of traffic each page with optimization issues is generating.) After a solution has been given, modifications will be made to your site, and then it will be tested against your current site.

We love testing and we love results! We perform controlled A/B testing while applying the scientific method. Which means, we run a randomized experiment with two variables, A and B, which are the control and the treatment in the controlled experiment. Our test always include data-backed hypotheses, and any other external factors ( pollution) are taken into consideration. Our testing periods run for a minimum of 1 business cycle, but we prefer 2-3 cycles. We strive for 95% confidence and higher. A significant sample size is always ideal. Our tests are designed to increase your traffic and move forward in the conversion rate optimization process as, but always we maintain the quality of the data.

Repeating the process:
It’s important to keep in mind that testing is an ongoing process, you will never reach the point where you are finished running test. Each test provides us more information on your customers and why they are on your site.
We alter something on your site and then compare its performance before and after. Each test we feeds into the next one, producing quality results. Enabling on-going conversion rate optimization lets us produce better results for you.

Want to work together?
We would love to work with every single one of you, but our CRO services are best matched with people who:
Have a monthly revenue higher than $100,000 (or get leads worth as much) Monthly traffic consists of 30,000 unique visitors per month or more.