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Who is a great fit?

  • Businesses (SMB, SaaS, or e-commerce) companies that have funding for marketing purposes.

  • Businesses who use modern marketing and have well tested sales funnels, or want to create one.

  • Business owners who want a hands free experience and aren't expecting to micro-manage me or my team.

  • Businesses who have accurate tracking, analytics, and know their numbers (EPC, CPA, AOV) very well, or need help to get there.

Who is not a fit?

  • If you're a an un-funded pre-revenue startup, you aren't ready for this consultation session.

  • If your budget is below $1,000 per month, you might be a better fit for our personal private community ($10/mo, coming soon).

  • If you're a network affiliate marketer, MLM'er, use blackhat or unethical techniques in building your business, sell any kind of sexual related service/product, do not apply.

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No hype, no selling, just simple strategy that will add more revenue to your business.

We will suggest what we believe is to be the best way to grow your business, based on your current business state and marketing maturity. If you have problems understanding how to grow, or why to do something, this is a great way to you to learn how we work and what we can do for you, if we end up working together.

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