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Why Simple Forms Get Higher Conversions

Visitors to your website take their valuable daytime to browse through a business website in pursuit of specific products and services.

Contact forms make it possible for them to interact with the website owner.

It is, therefore, imperative for website owners to integrate easy-to-use contact forms on their websites to increase conversion rate.

Simple VS Complicated Forms

Hence customers devote their valuable time to get into your website, it is important to keep a contact form simple and easy for more conversions to your website.

Some customers may be in a hurry so they would hate overly sensitive requests of information.

For example, it will be rather frustrating to visit the website for services and find a form that ask them about their mother’s maiden name or daily phone numbers or anything for that matter.

Even if some information may be important, try to eliminate it in order to make your form look simple to increase conversion rate. You may ask the information afterwards in the process.

How to increase conversion rate with simple forms?

Try to optimize the form so that it looks appealing to the customer for more submission of details.

Keep it as short and concise as possible. Only include the fields that are imperative for you to know from the customer in order to increase conversion rate.

Evaluate the form and reduce fields to absolutely minimal so that more visitors may not get bored to provide their details.

A 3-fields form may be sufficient which may require the name, surname and email address for further correspondence. Other fields may be required later on.

Furthermore, let your contact form be concise. For example, you may include ghost text that will direct and give format on how to enter required fields.

Even if your form is not limited to 3 fields, do not make all fields mandatory because not all consumers are willing to furnish overly sensitive information.

As mentioned already, some information is worth-collecting afterwards. Overly sensitive information decrease rather increase conversion rate.

On your contact form, include help to give customers direction on how to complete the form.

Or, alternatively, include help option regarding the products and services offered. Moreover, to increase conversion rate, make the form appealing with an engaging title. Inform customers why you are requesting their information.

Also alert them that the email addresses submitted will not be used for any marketing promotions.

A simple form on your website will certainly increase conversion rate by a huge percentage. There are many competitors online, and if the form is complex, customers may opt for other websites.

Make use of the opportunity to transform the current traffic on your website into conversions. No one has time to fill a complicated form.