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How to Optimize Your Contact Page for More Conversions

As a website owner, you probably expect your visitors to interact with you via the contact page.. but do your users find it easy to use?

Your visitors are probably expecting to have a way to contact you as well. If you don't, expect to seem less transparent and convert less traffic.

However, the contact page, if not planned well, may decrease conversions on your website. For instance, many people hate lengthy contact forms on contact pages.

They hate being asked too many questions, and that might turn them away. That said; for customer acquisition services; contact page needs to be optimized.

Visitors often hate spending too much time answering questions on long contact forms. Some hate sharing personal details. Instead, they just want services and products.

However, as the owner you need those personal details for more conversions.

So that means you have to optimize your customer acquisition services, or admit you're leaving money on the table. You must plan how you are going to design your contact page so that you can create more conversions.

Optimize your customer acquisition services contact page for more traffic conversions

You are probably a customer as well or have been a customer of some website and thus you know how frustrating a long contact form is. The same applies to your current visitors.

What they need is a simple and concise form that requires little information to interact with you. Even if you see it suiting to have more information, try not to overload many questions on the contact form.

Reduce the fields to only a minimal number that is most relevant and crucial for your customer acquisition services.

Your contact page should be appealing and compelling with a catchy title that will convince customers to want to fill in their details.

Remember your contact page is an important component to get connected to customers for more conversions.

Not all fields should be labeled ‘required’. Make some fields “optional” so that customer may opt to submit them at their choice.

This is done to accommodate some visitors who may not be willing to share their personal details. Customer acquisition services are not easy given the different psychographics.

The other way to optimize the contact page is to make the form available throughout your website. This will help other visitors who might not feel to click back from the content page to the contact page. Preferably, align the contact form on the right hand side.

At the end of the contact page, avoid using “submit” as the call-to-action button to submit the form. Rather use “click here” or “download” or “go” for they seem polite compared to “submit”. Include options such as “suggestions” or ‘help” on the contact page to show visitors that you care a lot about their needs.

Customer acquisition services need strategy on how to approach all kinds of customers.

We also built a free website conversion rate optimization kit that helps you optimize the traffic leading to your contact page.