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Inbound Marketing Campaign Outline

  1. Do you have a your ideal customer identified?

    If you don't that is the essential place to begin. Target your entire campaign at a very specific segment as you possibly can.
  2. Have you set distinct goals and objectives of the campaign?

    Without goals and objectives clearly defined, you will have no understanding of how you are doing in your efforts.
  3. Do you have your offer & web pages to deliver it?

    By definition of inbound marketing, you need to have a web page that delivers your offer to the intended audience. Keep in mind who your audience is, and cater both to their needs and desires.
  4. Did you set up analytics, retargeting, conversion tracking?

    You'll need to know where your most profitable and worthwhile traffic is coming from with analytics and tracking. Retargeting helps you deliver your offer to those individuals who need more convincing.
  5. Have you created SEO optimized free content to raise awareness and frame the offer?

    Running any kind of campaign with SEO in mind (even if your primary traffic source is paid), is necessary if you expect your campaigns to work for any extended period of time.
  6. Did you share that free content to influencers, customers & your lists?

    This is key to getting your content viewed by the right people. Utilizing your existing network will make it easier for people to trust your offer, since they already know you.
  7. Are you prepared to test & optimize your top-of-funnel & retargeting campaigns?

    This is how you can start to understand how your offer and web pages convert into customers. Be prepared to optimize the paid traffic campaigns in order to establish profitable traffic.
  8. Did you decide how to end it? Report the results, renew, refresh, or store it.

    All campaigns come to an end.. But they don't have to die completely! You can have a set of evergreen offers that continue to generate leads, as long as the content and information is very relevant. It's suggested to have a plan in place for how you will routinely update your offers over time. Also be sure to document every single marketing brainstorming session, campaign, and other materials. Building yourself a library of business marketing materials is great for gaining momentum internally as a business.
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