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How Exit Intent Triggers Can Improve Conversion Rate

OptKit Conversion Rate Optimization Software
Some people really hate popups.. But why do so many great marketers use them? And big brands? And successful e-commerce sites?

The thing is, there is a certain tool that is starting to take hold on the internet, and it's those popup ads. The ones that catch you right at the perfect moment, and offer you a call to action that is hard to pass up (if you are the target market).

Businesses are built up around this idea. The idea that the exit intent pop up conversion rate of customers into buying products, is SO VALUABLE, it's worth charging you fists-full of cash.

Exit pop's work great, the website might be getting traffic in many ways including a paid-traffic option. If the website is using a paid-traffic option to generate traffic, then it will be painful when visitors just visit the website without taking any action.

Using exit-intent pop ups has proven to lower the bounce rate and make your marketing spend much more effective. There are many factors that influence the customer’s buying decision, but getting one last chance to convert those bouncing visitors has proven to be a goldmine for businesses large and small. Exit intent technology is free and easy for you to use today with OptKit.

Exit intent pop up influences visiting customers to make buying decisions before they leave. It thus helps to convert customers into leads, buyers, or email subscribers. It's basically a very strong, constant CTA that resonates with your ideal customer.

The majority of customers that visit your website are not necessarily there to make purchases. Some may be there just to get some information regarding your products and services, and they will probably not make any shopping unless influenced to make it.

Convert more traffic with exit intent pop up

Exit intent pop up is effective in triggering the conversion rate of customers on your website. As the name says it all, it monitors the browsing activity of customers and then detects when they are about to exit the site.

Before they exit, the pop up will interrupt their way-out and then prompt them to take action whether to buy or to subscribe to emails. When customers subscribe to emails, follow-ups may be done in order to influence their buying decisions.

The website may see more sales generated because of exit intent pop up tool. It helps optimize conversion rate of visitors into loyal every-day customers. The bounce rate on your website will be optimized and eventually sales as well. That is how exit intent triggers improve the conversion of website owners and ecommerce websites.

How can I get exit intent pop up on my website?

To get exit intent pop up tool, you have to find software to install on your website. We have built OptKit, a free tool kit to opt your visitors to eventually buy your products. OptKit is conversion rate optimization software that helps boost the number of customers in your online business.

OptKit toolkit automatically detects the exit actions of your visitors and then re-engages them to buy the products that your website offers. Your website will be able to produce the leads as intended to with the use of this, or other types of exit intent pop up tool.

To make use of this tool kit in order to optimize the conversion rate, buy it and create it on your website. You will see the code that needs to be copied and pasted on any page that you want the exit intent trigger to appear for re-engagement to your visitors.

Having a way to re-engage this popup is a critical feature that most of the popular (and expensive) products do not offer. OptKit has a special "smart tab" that displays once a user has already seen the triggers popup.

OptKit is a new tool, but it's not a new idea. We're looking to constantly improve upon what is built, so if you have any questions or feedback, they are highly appreciated.