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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Website owners work so hard to drive traffic to their site but end up not having as many leads as they had hoped for.

This may be attributed to the lack of strategic tools to increase conversion rate of those visitors into buyers and email subscribers. Not all generated traffic may turn into loyal customers that will increase your sales.

Many visit and leave the website. They are more likely to never bounce back to your website.

As the website owner, you need 3 ways to increase conversion rate of your customers. Your business needs these converted customers in order to have more sales. Your online presence may be fruitless if the amount of traffic generated does not receive a call-to-action.

Call-to-action's may involve encouraging your customers to subscribe to the email list which you can use later on to convince them to purchase your products and services. This will increase conversion rate.

Below there are three ways to increase conversion rate of customers to your website.

  1. Identify the traffic source and marketing channel — to increase conversion rate you will have to identify the powerful traffic source and the best marketing channel that your website gets traffic from. After identifying them, make incentives and offers available for the visitors. That will influence them to bounce back to your website. Online customers are searching through many websites to see which one offers the best prices for the products and services they need.
  2. Make targeted offer to visitors to increase conversion rate — use psychographics and demographics to convert more traffic. Various genders, ages, and locations of people may not like same products. With psychographics, you will have to understand their values, lifestyles, interests, personalities, and attitudes. Make some eye-catching incentives and offers such as “free shipping”, “buy 1 and get 1 free”, “10% discount/coupon”, “rewards” or any other thing that may make customers to be converted.
  3. Use pop up software to increase conversion rate — pop up software has the effect in increasing the conversion rate of customers on your website. A pop up tool kit ensures that customers are encouraged to subscribe to email list to follow up on sales. The tool detects the exit of customers and act upon to influence them as a call-to-action. The software helps to convert more traffic into loyal customers and eventually boosts sales. It is an effective tool for every business owner who wants to increase conversion rate. On that note, you may try OptKit software as the conversion rate optimization software. It automatically detects the visitors’ exit and then gives them a call-to-action for follow-up sales.


All websites need ways to improve the conversion rate of traffic and thus increase leads. In this way, more traffic may be turned into loyal customers of your business website.